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Fix your Mince Pies on these....

December 6, 2018


I absolutely love mince pies, but for the life of me I cannot get the traditional way of baking them right.  Last year I went for the mince/bakewell tart - which was very well received and due to be replicated this year also (see other blog post)


But then a friend (thank you David Blackhurst-Evans) shared this stonking recipe for Mince Crumble Pies with the intro of "the EASIEST and BEST EVER mince pies". 


A bold statement. However; I have to agree, they are melt in the mouth.  Guests of HfH last night gave them a test run, suffice to say the cake plate was soon demolished - I rest my case!  It looks like I will be baking again today - I think I'm going to need a bigger batch!



Ingredients (makes 12)


225g cold unsalted butter (diced) 

350g plain flour

100g golden caster sugar (or soft brown sugar)

350g mincemeat 



  • Make the pastry by rubbing the butter into the flour (you can do this by hand or in a food processor) until you have fine breadcrumbs and the mixture just starts to cling together.

  • Stir in the sugar.

  • Place a large tablespoon of crumble into 12 holes of a deep pie/muffin tin (lightly greased). Make sure you keep come back for the toppings.

  • Press the mixture firmly and evenly into the base and sides with your fingers and thumbs.

  • Spoon in the mincemeat and sprinkle with the remaining crumble (this doesn't need to be too thick or fully covered).  Lightly press the mixture down.

  • Chill for 10 minutes (or cover with clingfilm and chill for up to 2 days).

  • Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180C for approx 25 minutes until golden brown.

  • Allow to cool in the tin then carefully take out and transfer to wire cooling rack - they will get firmer as they cool.

  • Once cool sprinkle with a little icing sugar




Original recipe from Little Venice Cake Company


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Fix your Mince Pies on these....

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