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Supper & Cinema

Having a rare Sunday night free, Mr HfH and I decided on an evening out - an early dinner and then onto the cinema. We had a lovely night and it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to share our experiences of what is going on locally.

We started our evening at Prezzo in Wimborne; Italian cuisine is probably my favourite, and we do tend to favour independent 'authentic' (word of the moment!) restaurants. However; Mr HfH saw a special offer, and he does know how to treat a girl..... We had a 6pm sitting and although it was early there were quite a few people in and there was a nice atmosphere. The building itself is lovely, previously a bank, it has Georgian proportions with high ceilings and massive sash windows. I had Chicken Carbonara Al Forno which was really tasty and fresh, Mr HfH had King Prawn Risotto which was good (but not as good as mine apparently.... suck up!). To finish off I then had a 'mini dessert' which I think is a great idea - a small portion and a hot drink of choice - I had Panna Cotta with a fruit compote, and coffee. All in all it was a very pleasant meal at a reasonable price and we were all done and dusted in time to trot off to the cinema.... 3.5*/5*

Darkest Hour

This really is a must see film; it is quite chilling how close Britain came to capitulating under the lily livered Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain - enter Gary Oldman playing the bullish orator Winston Churchill to fine effect; giving us an insight into the man's vulnerability, humour and ultimately his courage, leading the country to eventual victory. I think that it is a good indication of a fine film when it comes to the end and it only feels as though you have been in the cinema minutes. This is not an action movie, but you are swept along at speed by the emergency of the situation and although we already know the outcome, it is still edge of the seat viewing. 5*/5*

Until next time x

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