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To E or not To E

Now before you get carried away the ‘E’ is for E-Bike – which Mr HfH bought me for my birthday. There were a few reasons for this gift:

  1. I can’t keep up with him when we go out together for a bike ride

  2. He really fancied one, but as a die-hard cyclist he couldn’t be seen getting one for himself

  3. I wanted a puppy and it seems that this is as good an alternative as any (someone needs a word……)

Anyway after the initial surprise and once I got onto the saddle, I have to say I am smitten. I always like the idea of going out for a bike ride; the fresh air, the exercise etc., but the reality is I HATE HILLS. After the exhilaration of going down, I know that on the incline I will be breathing out of every orifice and waiting for my heart to explode. This is where an E-Bike comes into its own; because of its power assistance, you still have to cycle but you get the boost when you need it most. This means that you can keep a consistent MPH and cycle at your most comfortable level.

We have had a very heavy season here at HfH, and I must admit I am feeling a little stir crazy. So today, once the housekeeping, laundry and baking had been done; I took advantage of the continued good weather and decided to cycle to our nearest town for a coffee. Taking the back roads so as to avoid holding up traffic – no-one likes to be sat behind a cyclist no matter how pert the bottom on the saddle is – the journey is approx. 25 minutes each way. Having driven the route many times it is amazing how much you miss and so today I took particular attention to my surroundings as I kept to a steady 14 MPH. I went through wooded areas where the autumnal smell of moss and ferns was particularly pungent; noted the abundance of red berries poking through hedgerows filling nature’s larder for the birds at the change of the season; and had a race with a squirrel – I won – eat my dust Nutkin…..

Having the E-Bike means that I can just jump on at any time in whatever I am wearing as I don’t intend to be competing in any trials or setting any PB’s – I am definitely a casual rider, I don’t want to reach my destination pained and drenched in sweat. For me it’s the pleasure of being in the open air, having a little exercise and ‘seeing’ things, sometimes for the first time, that have been missed as I have previously whizzed by in the car. You still get the exhilaration when you descend, and today at one point I got up 32MPH with the wind whipping through my hair – and no I don’t wear a helmet (pause for mass gasp). I am a child of the 70’s when the only health and safety was making sure your flares were tucked in your socks before you offered a backy to your mate on your chopper (anyone under the age of 30 will have to get that last sentence translated).

In total I did 12 miles, enjoyed a latte and news catch-up in the middle, and have to admit felt a certain smugness as I passed a MAMIL* on a hill standing in his pedals and looking like he needed oxygen – I was dressed in cut off shorts, tee shirt and combat boots, sitting comfortably and most certainly sweat free.

To E or not to E – that is the question

Until next time – toodle pip x

*MAMIL: Middle Aged Man In Lycra

The E-Bike is available for guests to use at Home Farm House (please bring your own helmet!)

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