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Breaking News - The Hokey Cokey isn't what it's all about...

Having travelled for 23 hours on a plane to reach the other side of the world; I am spending a couple of weeks away from the coal face to have some precious time with family down under.

I have left the delectable Mr HfH back in blighty stoically manning the fort and it has struck me over the last couple of days, that we all need to have a little time out now and again. When you run your own business it is really difficult to turn off even for a couple of weeks. I suppose that I am more fortunate than most in the fact that I leave the business in more than capable hands, and although I am not completely switched off (hence this post...!); I can highly recommend it.

We all need to kick back and re-charge our batteries now and again in order to maintain energy levels and get clarity of thinking. Not being bogged down with the every day running of the business, I have had the luxury of 'thinking time'. I have got to grips with a new project that I have been threatening for over a year (more of that to come in future posts) and most importantly, I have had time to enjoy family and friends.

Having two tiny arms around your neck and two legs wrapped around your waist is what it's all about, along with playing in the sand pit and fits of giggles at bath time. Sometimes we just need to stand back and smell the roses, no matter where you are in the world.

Oooh ooh there is a ‘Roo in the garden... “What’s that you say Skip? Kylie’s trapped in a mine shaft……”

Take it easy and until next time – G’day xx

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