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Best Laid Plans...

As with all building projects, we are now behind schedule and over budget, Kevin McCloud would be v

ery proud...

However, having said that we are steaming ahead and the rooms are really begining to take shape, the 'glory boys' have now arrived - this is what the poor belagured builders call the plasterers and decorators - and we have had delivery of a boat load of paint, which is always very exciting, and so the top floor has had its first coat, which is a milestone.

Now, the only thing about the top floor nearing completion, it means that the first floor is now subject to demolition and rebuild; therefore our personal living space is getting smaller and smaller. Everywhichway we turn there is a builder, plumber or electrician so privacy has certainly gone out of the window (that's if we had a complete window for it to travel through..!).

I arrived back from a meeting the other day and found t

hat our only working bathroom had been demolished, so we now have an open plan toilet, and no washing facilities, which is very interesting. I have had to perfect my whistling, and precisely time spending a penny with the workers tea breaks!

Whilst the team have been getting on with the main build, I have been busy scouring local antique emporiums and upcycling little pieces for the guest rooms - yay shopping. We really do have some brilliant outlets for preloved furniture, and it is very satifying bringing it all back to life. Here is a cute little wardrobe that I picked up and painted for 'Shaftesbury' - one of the top floor guest rooms. Keep an eye on the blog as I will do one soon dedicated to upcycling furniture...

Keeping on top of the schedule is probably the most challenging part of the renovation as things tend to fluctuate daily due to unforseen problems - like the plaster falling off the walls as you strip the wallpaper, or guttering that needs to replaced before the outside can be painted etc. But it is really important to keep that spreadsheet up to date otherwise you can find your project running away - both in terms of time and finances. I went to pick tiles the other day and realised that although it would have been nice to have a certain design, it was far more prudent to go with another - they were both white, they were both 'metro', but the price difference was a whopping £1.20 per tile - over 45 square metres, thats a massive saving and money that can be spent elsewhere on things we hadn't anticpated. It is incredibly boring (unless you are an excel geek) - but very much a neccessity and I would implore anyone setting out on a renovation project to make sure that you have this set up from the outset.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, think I will go and have a soak in the bath -


Toodle Pip, 'til next time x

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