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Best Laid Plans...

As with all building projects, we are now behind schedule and over budget, Kevin McCloud would be v


However, having said that we are steaming ahead and the rooms are really begining to take shape, the 'glory boys' have now arrived - this is what the poor belagured builders call the plasterers and decorators - and we have had delivery of a boat load of paint, which is always very exciting, and so the top floor has had its first coat, which is a milestone.

Top Floor Guest Bedroom

Now, the only thing about the top floor nearing completion, it means that the first floor is now subject to demolition and rebuild; therefore our personal living space is getting smaller and smaller. Everywhichway we turn there is a builder, plumber or electrician so privacy has certainly gone out of the window (that's if we had a complete window for it to travel through..!).

I arrived back from a meeting the other day and found t


Whilst the team have been getting on with the main build, I have been busy scouring local antique emporiums and upcycling little pieces for the guest rooms - yay shopping. We really do have some brilliant outlets for preloved furniture, and it is very satifying bringing it all back to life. Here is a cute little wardrobe that I picked up and painted for 'Shaftesbury' - one of the top floor guest rooms. Keep an eye on the blog as I will do one soon dedicated to upcycling furniture...



Anyway, onwards and upwards, think I will go and have a soak in the bath -



Toodle Pip, 'til next time x

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