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How to make a wall blackboard

I was sitting in my newly painted kitchen looking at a bare wall thinking we could do with a blackboard for shopping lists, messages etc. Then I realised that I had all the materials to DIM (do it myself...) So with a few bits and bobs (no sticky back plastic was harmed in this project), and in the blink of an eye this happened:

The wall I chose is in good natural light and had a coat of emulsion to give it a good base. At first I was just going to make a straightforward oblong, but then decided to make more of a feature of it....

Using a good grade masking tape - I used 'Frog Tape' as it is less likely to bleed - measure out your template. As I was going to add a frame, I made the template a couple of cm's larger so that the blackboard wouldn't have any white space around. I also decided to go on the slant as I am not keen on things being too linear, but you can let you imagination run and create all kinds of shapes!

Once happy with the template fill in with blackboard paint, I used Dulux Made by Me it costs £6.98 for 250ml and I only used around 25% on 2 coats.

I had bought a couple of old picture frames from Toad Hall Vintage - didn't quite know what I would use them for, but was confident they would come in useful one day........

I cleaned the back and removed any staples etc., then attached double sided sticky pads to each corner - you could use no nails or similar, but I want to be able to remove the frame for refreshing in the future.

And voila - a really simple idea, hope you like it :)

Renovation of Home Farm House continues, keep checking back for updates, chit chat and shares.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay this summer we are taking bookings ...... ankle biters are welcome, and the furry kind as long as you don't mind them sleeping in an outside kennel and they leave the hens in one piece!

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